**EXCLUSIVE** Day Dreamer Winter Flat Hood Standard

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Image of **EXCLUSIVE** Day Dreamer Winter Flat Hood Standard

Flat Standard Tula hood.


**PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Special care instructions to keep these custom fabrics beautiful: Please hand wash wash cool in a phosphate free detergent. Air dry- Do not tumble dry. Cool iron on external side.

*Whilst we do our utmost to match fabric colours to carriers in our custom patterns we cannot guarantee an exact match

*This is our stock photo, exact print may vary (very slightly) from picture.

The flat hood is meant to help support a young babies head while they comfortably take a snooze on a stroll. Protect them from the sun, glare and drizzle!

We recommend these kinds of hoods for smaller babies as they mould and cradle the head and neck better than the larger hoody style hoods.