Peek-A-Boo Back Carry Mirror© Daydreamer Winter

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Image of Peek-A-Boo Back Carry Mirror© Daydreamer Winter

*Exclusive to Ripley's Room*
Fully fabric, totally handmade, carrier mirrors.

This handy snap-on mirror enables you to get a great view of your baby during a back carry.
The mirror snaps neatly on to the front chest strap (or similar front strap, size-1 inch) on your carrier and allows you to get a full view of your child to make sure they are safe whenever and wherever you need to.

Great for seeing if they are sleeping, uncomfortable or just playing away.

Also great for you to play peek-a-boo!

We recommend snapping the mirrors to the front chest strap of your carrier to keep it safely out of babies reach, as longer straps can pose a safety hazard.

This product is not sold as a toy for little ones to play with but a helpful aid for you to check on them yourself.

When not in use you can simply snap it up further on the strap :) XXX RR

*This is our stock photo, exact print may vary (very slightly) from picture.