Seconds- Ahoy Straight Suck Pads

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Seconds: Due to having no labels added, unbranded. Structurally sound

Here at RR we are passionate about baby wearing.
Wearing your baby or toddler has many advantages and is a wonderful way to keep them close. A baby carrier can be a big investment though, and the last thing you want is for your wee bub to ruin an expensive baby carrier by chewing on it!

Ripleys Rooms Suck/Drool Pads will protect the straps from those little chompers to extend the life of your carrier, protect your carrier's resale value, and they add a little style to your baby carrier too!
So protect that investment from drool stains and the inevitable water marking damage.

The highest grade luxury fabrics are used. There is a graphic designed robust linen/nylon/cotton/organic cotton outer layer. An extra soft cotton/poly quilted water resistant inner for comfort and another layer of the highest quality microfleece to further wick away that moisture! They are triple stitched for stability. We also import the very newest tula fabrics from the US to perfectly match your new buy!

We no longer offer reversible pads because we like to use microfleece on the back...why you may ask?...
We care about your carrier a lot is the answer. Microfleece is a hydrophobic, or water-repellent, making it quick to dry and warm even when wet. When it is fully soaked, microfleece holds only one percent of its weight in water and remains breathable. Its hydrophobic properties make it excellent for wicking away moisture, so our microfleece is the perfect material for backing our product!

Our pads come complete with lil ribbon tags added to lick and dribble on or to attach a play toy or teether ring :D

Each set of pads is handmade and is therefore unique. Fabric patterns may vary slightly from pads displayed, but we will always endeavour to put a stylish printed area on the front panel.

Tailored to Tula sizing but we also fit the straps of all of these lovely SSC’s:
Manduca, Bamberoo OC, Beco, Emei Baby, Ergo, Lillebaby, Connecta, Kokadi, Olives and Applesauce, Kibi, Boba, Onyababy. Actually as long as your carrier straps are 18cm/7" or smaller in circumference (which most are) they should fit! If you do find you have a wider strap ie. KP (Kinderpack) or MGG (Madame Googoo) just let us know and we can organize a custom order for you! XX

Our pads should fit pretty snuggly, because the weight of your child in your carrier will relax them a bit (as will normal wear).

We use three sets of quality kam plastic fasteners as standard on our straight pads.
These are durable and secure, attached with a table press and will not rust over time like metal fasteners and there is no possibility of snagging damage to your carrier fabrics (as can occasionally happen with velcro.)

Thanks! And very happy baby wearing from Ripleys Room!