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Finding it difficult to reach the hood of your baby carrier when you are wearing your baby on your back? Tired of waking a sleeping baby while fumbling for the sleep hood? Reach Straps are the solution!

Reach Straps attach to your Tula hood and hang down to a point that makes it possible to grab the hood and pull it closer to your baby's head. Reach straps do not interfere with the ability to attach your hood to the snaps on your carrier straps.

1 PAIR of Reach Straps Included

Approx. Length: (We follow all the newest industry baby safety compliancy guidelines and therefore our straps are no longer than 22cm)

Children should be supervised at all times while reach straps are in use, and any time children have access to them. They can present a choking hazard. NEVER leave your child unattended with reach straps.